About Combined Effort Consulting

Combined Effort Consulting is a UK based IT consultancy firm, providing software solutions to both large and small businesses. Our main services are as follows:

Bespoke Software Solutions
'Off the shelf' software solutions rarely fulfil all your business requirements, therefore Combined Effort Consulting offer solutions tailored to your particular business needs. Contact Combined Effort Sales to discuss your requirements. Combined Effort Consulting has provided solutions for such diverse industries as Banking, Insurance, Local Government, Market Research, Retail and the Drinks Industry.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Combined Effort Consulting is a member of BASDA, whose ebis-XML standard is fast becoming the accepted protocol for the electronic exchange of Purchase Orders and Invoices between organisations. Before accepting a proprietary EDI standard, contact Combined Effort Sales to discuss implementation of BASDA's open, royalty free ebis-XML suite.

Open Source Solutions
More and more businesses are beginning to recognise the cost savings to be made by implementing Open Source software solutions. With Open Source solutions, you simply pay for the Consultants time to implement the system, rather than for the base software itself. Upgrades and fixes to the product are also freely available. There are Open Source solutions for Databases, Web Servers, File Servers, Office Suites and so on. Contact Combined Effort Sales to discuss which business functions can be supported by an Open Source solution and start saving on licence fees today!

Legacy Systems Integration
Many businesses carry valuable business information on legacy data systems. These systems do not generally lend themselves to reporting and data analysis. Combined Effort Consulting specialise in building web-based reporting interfaces into these systems to allow management access to information to facilitate strategic planning of the business. Contact Combined Effort Sales to discuss your particular situation.

Source Code Auditing (Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, SQL Server)
Peer review of software source code is accepted as being crucial to maintaining standards and security within applications. However, if your organisation is unable to audit the code your developers or Software Suppliers are providing, contact Combined Effort Sales to discuss the benefits and security implications of a code review.

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