Our Clients

Combined Effort Consulting has carried out work for a number of major clients in many fields of business. Our clients include:

Schroders Investment Management
Schroders is a global asset management group, managing investments of �89.5 billion (as at 31/10/02). Their clients are institutions, corporations, intermediaries and private investors around the globe.

Research International
Founded in 1962, Research International employs over 3,500 people in 50 countries and is the world leader in qualitative and quantitative custom market research.

UnumProvident is the UK's leading provider of Income Protection insurance for both Individuals and Companies. It is part of the UnumProvident Corporation, with Total assets of $42.4 billion (as at 31 December 2001)

ESPO is a joint Committee of Local Authorities and operates within the Local Government (Goods & Services) Act 1970. It acts as a purchasing agent for its member authorities and other customers and provides a professional cost effective procurement and supply service. The annual turnover exceeds £400 million.

Structural Adhesives Limited
Structural Adhesives is an independent adhesive manufacturing company, developing and supplying single and two part Epoxy, Reactive Acrylics and UV Cure Adhesives and Sealants to the Construction, Engineering, Marine, Electrical, Electronic, Filter and Jewellery industries.

Emptionis.com - Professional Procurement Workflow
Emptionis.com is an Authorisation Workflow Web Service for UK Organisations looking to control and analyse their procurement spend. Emptionis.com uses a concept called 'Content Ordering' to import a shopping basket from a compatible website and transmits a 'Firm Order' back to the Supplier on completion of the authorisation process.

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